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Subject: Thank You!!

Subject: Thank You!!

I wanted to take a moment this morning to say thank you for the use of your beautiful condo in Port Aransas. It really is a nice property and the work on the swimming pools is coming along very nicely. By the time we left on Sunday (my sister/brother in law stayed till Monday AM), they had already filled the water in both the lap pool and the pool closest to the office.

…. I almost changed the battery on the kitchen clock that was stuck at 5 PM, just above the “Island Time” sign, but when I checked the clock and noticed there was no battery in it, then that’s when we all realized the irony of it, and decided against putting a battery in the clock!! It was obviously that way for a reason!! 🙂

We had a good/cheap breakfast at Avery’s on Friday AM – I’d go back there again. Also had a nice dinner on Friday at Shells (great recommendation), and another nice dinner on Saturday night at Roosevelt’s. BTW: The Roosevelt’s owners also opened a new bar next door to the Tarpon Inn call the Upper Deck Bar which was a great place to chill out while we waited for our table at Roosevelt’s.

I know you mentioned you weren’t very keen on the yellow room color in your condo, but I actually loved that shade! I did notice on the walls where the TV is located on also on the dividing wall between the living/dining areas, those walls appeared to be either sponged or water washed with a deeper yellow that might look good throughout?

… also took some pics that we’ll forward to you as soon as he gets them downloaded from his camera. We had a great time and really got a chance to scout out more of the development going on in Port A, which is mind boggling!

Again, thank you for allowing us to stay as your guests, we really loved it!!

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Kramer Wetzel

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